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My Weigh Digital Pointscales are fantastic portable Jewelers scales. Pointscales have an incredible 1 second stabilization time making them the fastest performing pocket scales. The My Weigh Pointscales use XPoint Weighing Technology with the new FSCII Chip and Temperature Control Circuit to deliver uncompromising accuracy, speed, and durability. The Pointscales we carry have a capacity of 150 grams.

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Maximum Capacity of the My Weigh Digital Pointscale 150:
Grams - 150g
Ounces - 5.29 oz
Troy Ounces - 4.82 ozt
Pennyweight - 96.5 dwt
Additional Features for the My Weigh Digital Pointscales:
• Precision 0.1g / 0.01oz / 0.01dwt / 0.01ozt readability
• Digital auto calibration with INCLUDED weights
• Durable ABS hardcase - so durable that you can actually STAND on the closed    scale without damage!
• Large LCD display
• Small Item Tray, Vibration Absorbing Scalepad and calibration weight included
• Low Power Consumption
Temperature control and RF Interference control circuitry.
• Long 5 year warranty (depends on model)
• Reads in Grams, Ounces, Troy Ounces & Pennyweight
Buy Industrial Scales and Commercial Scales at Northern Tool. Also a great place to find Industrial and Commercial Supplies.
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