My Weigh Triton Scales

My Weigh Triton Digital Scales are classic design pocket scales. It's thin, durable and accurate. Although the My Weigh Triton scales are small, their cover can be used as an expansion tray to make the weighing platform larger then most table-sized scales. The resilient integrated poly-case makes My Weigh Triton Digital Scales more durable than the other scales in their class.
My Weigh Triton Digital Scales are also designed to be both durable and accurate.

Price:  $38.95  
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Accuracy - +/- +/-0.1g
Maximum Capacity - 120g
Dimensions - 13.5x8.2x2cm / 160g
Operating Temp - 60f - 86f
Calibration - Digital Auto Calibration
Warranty - 2 year worldwide warranty
Additional Features for My Weigh Triton Digital Scales:
• 3 AAA Batteries Included
• Full Tare feature
• Auto Calibration and zero tracking
• Built in ABS Polymer Hard cover with non-slip grip-ribs for easy handling
• Cover doubles as a large expansion tray
• Ultra Low Cost
Durable & Accurate
• Classic design
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